San Diego Cash For Cars

San Diego Cash For Cars

San Diego Cash For Cars will pay you quickly and fairly for your used car, automobile, truck, motorcycle, RV and or other vehicle!
If you are thinking about selling your car and really want a fast hassle free experience, then call one of the most helpful Cash For Cars operations in San Diego.  Customers continue to turn to us to buy their used, damaged, new and high mileage cars because of our courteous straight forward pricing.

Reasons To Sell Your Car

Car Needs Expensive Vehicle Repair

Vehicle Repair
Often, we get calls from people wondering if its worth spending time and money on their car that needs extensive and expensive vehicle repairs.  If you are unsure whether it makes sense to fix your car’s engine, replace the transmission or correct that strange noise that your car continues to make contact us to find out what is the best option.
San Diego Cash For Cars are certified professionals in the automobile repair industry and will be able to provide a quick on the spot answer.


Tired Of Selling Car On Your Own

Selling A Car
Selling a vehicle takes time and effort. It is best to have a detailed description, lots of pictures, a video of you going around your vehicle and starting it along with a vehicle history report would be ideal to best help sell your car.
If by this time you have become weary that your car has not yet sold, you seem to speak with savvy individuals that try to negotiate your for the lowest deal and or get asked random questions that go nowhere, we will solve this problem for you today.


You Consider Your Car Is Old

San Diego Cash For Cars is interested in your automobile regardless of its condition; older, running or not, badly damaged, salvage and or junk car.
We will just ask a couple questions about your vehicle. If a deal can be met, we will take it off your hands and give you a fair price. In addition, we will provide the vehicle towing services free if the car cannot be driven.


Call Us For An Estimate.

San Diego Cash For Cars - Estimate
Just simply call us and our service representative will ask a few basic questions regarding your vehicle. Afterwards, we can come out promptly to your residence or place of business in San Diego to look over your automobile where a fair value can be established. The entire process takes less than 20 minutes in most cases depending on the type of vehicle you own.



Getting tired of people making offers via text before they even look at your car? Getting tired of Craigslist and pretentious buyers?! I was. No joke, Kamal at San Diego Cash for Cars (who previously worked on my car at his mechanic shop and previously gave me best low price out of 6 mechanic shops!!) offered me $250 more than 3 other dealers. Score! Check him out at least before selling your car elsewhere! Or, his place of business off of Euclid in SD! Great guy will give you a good deal and honest experience.


If you are thinking about selling, give us a call! San Diego Cash For Cars takes pride to successfully buy vehicles and help sellers wanting a fair price without all the hassle.