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As one of the leading Cash For Cars in San Diego operations, we take pride to giving our customers valuable assistance to sell their car with fair pricing quickly and honestly!

How Cash For Cars Works

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Our service rep will promptly inspect the
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Why Cash For Cars Of San Diego?

We have successfully been helping customers sell their cars since 2011.
We offer fair pricing, handle all the paperwork for you and have towing services available if needed.
You can have money for your vehicle before the end of the day.

Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of cars do you buy?

San Diego Cash for Cars is interested in buying all types of vehicles. Just call us and tell us the year, make and model.

Does the car need to be in good running condition?

Not at all. But, we do need to see and be able to test drive the vehicle. We understand that some cars are not in drivable condition though. Depending on the circumstances surrounding your automobile, we would be to try and work something fair on a case by case basis. If we cannot buy your car, we will provide you with another company that can help you.

What about car title availability?

If it is a California vehicle, but do not have the title we have the forms for transferring ownership.  However, If it is on out-of-state vehicle, we must have the title in hand to be able to buy your car.

As a private owner do I need to have my vehicle smogged before selling my car?

If you sell your car on your own to a private buyer you must provide him or her with a passing California Smog Check certificate. As auto brokers, you do not need to provide us valid smog certification.

Does my car need to be currently registered to be able to sell it?

In most cases, we do buy vehicles at San Diego Cash For Cars that have current vehicle registration.  If the car is not current in registration and an arrangement can be made, we will buy your car and pay the late registration fees to bring the registration up to date.

What do I need to do if there is a lien against my car because I owe money?

If a fair arrangement to buy you car can be made, we’ll accompany you to visit the lender to pay the outstanding balance due to transfer the vehicle into our possession.

How do I get paid?

When we buy your car we’ll pay you cash.  As a recommendation to all of you private car sellers is to not take checks from anyone or to accept a later payment after the car is sold.  We have heard of a couple of sad incidences where seller gave title and car, accepted a check or promise to pay and was then scammed out of their vehicle.

More Frequently Asked Questions

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Cash For Cars Testimonial

I called 8 businesses to sell my car. Out of the 8, only 3 called back right away. Only San Diego Cash For Cars called me back AND sent me a text. The rep said he would be by in 30 minutes. 25 minutes later they came by. I dealt with a very friendly, very courteous, and most of all very fair person. He gave me a very fair price and in 45 minutes it was over! What I initially thought was going to be a pain in the @#$ was not that at all!! Highly recommend! 5 stars to this place!!

Cars Purchased

2002 Lexus SC 430

2002 LEXUS SC 430

We initially thought the 2002 Lexus SC 430 was pretty cool at San Diego Cash For Cars.

2007 Toyota Tacoma X-Runner

2007 Toyota Tacoma X-Runner

San Diego Cash For Cars was very pleased when picking up the 2007 Toyota Tacoma X-Runner for sale.

2001 Mazda Miata

2001 Mazda Miata

We got an incredible feeling at San Diego Cash For Cars when coming into possession of this 2001 Mazda Miata.